Unroll Me

Unroll Me
Turbo Chilli Pty LTD

Product Description:

.col-2{padding-left:20px;} Do you remember those plastic little finger puzzles? This is a digital version of that - but, instead of moving the pieces to create a picture, you are moving the pieces to create the right path for the ball. Move through over 100 levels avaialble to you and challenge yourself! Features: ✔ Race against the clock to arrange to slots to get the ball to the end ✔ Use "ball freeze" to buy yourself a little more time ✔ Really challenge yourself by choosing a harder difficulty level - or the "Frantic Fun Multi-Ball"! In-App Purchases: ✔ Medium Level Pack, $0.99 ✔ Hard Level Pack, $1.99 ✔ Extreme Level Pack, $1.99 ✔ Remove Ads, $1.99 ✔ Ball Freeze x5, $0.99 ✔ Ball Freeze x20, $2.99 ✔ Multi Ball 4x4 Level Pack, $0.99