Dot-to-Dot Adventure

Dot-to-Dot Adventure
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Product Description:

Dot-to-Dot Adventure is a great and unique way for kids to practice the alphabet and counting through a series of connect-the-dot puzzles. Each puzzle has a new theme and the artwork involved is absolutely top notch. This game features some useful options such as creating up to four player profiles for parents with kids that are learning at different levels. The free version is a bit short in content and a in-app purchase will open a wealth of puzzle adventures. Features: ✔ 35 dot-to-dot puzzles ✔ Create up to 4 player profiles ✔ Cute illustrations of fun characters and objects - watch them come alive as you connect the dots complete each puzzle ✔ Learn about numbers - progress from traditional counting to skip counting in multiples of 2 to 12 ✔ All about letters - know the alphabet inside and out by practicing with uppercase and lowercase letters ✔ Heaps of help options, including: dot hint, simple puzzles with less number of dots ✔ A badge board with collectible pin badges in every puzzle. Connect the dots to earn them all ✔ Pleasant voice narration of letters and numbers, which can be switched on or off In-App Purchases: Full version available for $1.99